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150k Alpha Model Stun Gun

Stun Guns

150,000 volt Black Cobra Mini Stun Gun Only $18.95

150,000 Volts Mini Stun Gun
Safety Locking Switch
Hand Strap
1 Year Warranty
Requires 1- 9 Volt Alkaline
Free Holster

Black Cobra mini stun guns are the size of a pack of cigarettes and can easily fit into a purse or pocket. Convenient to carry and discreet. They come with a free holster and hand strap and use only 1 - 9 volt battery.

Buy one now and protect yourself with a Black Cobra...

How to Test the Stun Gun

Make certain that no part of your hand or body is closer to the contact probes than the switch and safety zone plate. (About 1 1/2") Getting closer than this to the contact probes can result in you receiving a mild shock.

When you press the switch, a charge will fire across the the front of the unit between the test probes.

After test firing, you will need to discharge the unit. This is done by touching the units probes against a piece of metal. You will see a final spark and the unit will then be safe. Failure to do so may result in you receiving a shock if you inadvertently touch the probes within 5 minutes of the last test.

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