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600k Gamma Model Stun Gun

Stun Guns

600,000 volt Black Cobra Mini Stun Gun Only $37.95

600,000 + Volts Mini Stun Gun
Compact Size
Safety Locking Switch
Hand Strap
1 Year Warranty
Requires 1 - 9 Volt Alkaline
Free Holster

Black Cobra mini stun guns are the size of a pack of cigarettes and can easily fit into a purse or pocket. Convenient to carry and discreet. They come with a free holster and hand strap and use only 1 - 9 volt battery.

Buy one now and protect yourself with a Black Cobra...


Q: Will a stun gun work on those under the influence ?
A: Yes! Stun guns do indeed work even on those under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. It is a physical response and does not work strictly on the basis of pain, though it is very painful.

Q: If the aggressor is touching me will I be Stunned ?
A: No. Even if the aggressor is physically touching you when you fire the stun gun into them you can not suffer from a charge back!

Q: Will a stun gun work through clothing ?
A: Yes. Stun guns are designed to be 100% effective even through typical clothing.

Q: Can a stun gun be fired multiple times ?
A: Yes. With a new set of batteries a stun gun can be fired many, many times. This makes a stun gun an excellent choice for defending yourself against multiple assailants.

Q: What kind of batteries does a stun gun require ?
A: All of our stun devices use 9 volt alkaline batteries. We specifically recommend Duracell batteries as they have been proven to be the most consistent and reliable. Energizer is also acceptable.


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